Your Bill of Rights

Your Bill of Rights

You have the right to:

 1. Always put yourself on a first place.

2. Ask for help and emotional support.

3. Protest against unfair treatment or criticism.

4. Have your own opinion and beliefs.

5. Make mistakes, when you don’t know the answer.

6. Give other people the right to solve their own problems.

7. Say: “No, thanks”, “Sorry, but no thanks…”

8. Not take the advises of other people and follow your own judgment and instinct

9. Be alone, even when someone needs your company.

10. Have your own feelings, regardless if people around you understand them or not.

11. Change your opinion and actions, if they are not serving you anymore.

12. Love yourself unconditionally.

13. Forgive yourself and others.

14. Move on with your life, when you feel you should.

You are never obliged to:

1. Be 100% faultless….

2. Be responsible for everybody, for their actions and behavior.

3. Do good things to people whom you don’t like.

4. Love or respect people causing you harm.

5. Apologize to someone because you behaved as “yourself”.

6. Exhaust yourself for the sake of others.

7. Feel guilty, because you have your own needs and desires.

8. Tolerate unpleasant and toxic for you people and situations.

9. Sacrifice your own inner peace, time or energy for anybody.

10. Stay in and keep relationships that have become abusive, insulting and offensive.

11. Do more than your time or abilities allows you to do.

12. Do things that you’re actually not in a condition to accomplish or you don’t have the capacity, ability or desire.

13. Fulfill unreasonable demands.

14. Give something that you actually can’t give or you don’t possess.

15. Bear the brunt of someone’s misbehavior.

16. Abandon your own “self” for the sake of something, or someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Know your rights!

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