Sessions& Fees


Cunseling sessions are conducted via Skype or in person, if the situation and conditions allow. I may also provide you with a free phone number for your country (about 30 countries are covered). Local phone charges may apply, check with me for availability in your country. 


Confidentiality is very important and is a key to any relationship. It allows clients a safe place to process their personal issues. Confidentiality will be maintained and will not be disclosed without your written permission‚ except in the case of harm to self or others. So speaking, everything is between me and you.

Areas of Counseling

We can discuss anything and everything that bothers you at this moment. Career issues, professional issues, relationship problems, lack of relationships, family dynamics, travel and moving problems, stress and emotional problems and concerns. How to make your life more interesting, less boring, more fulfilling. Life-style changes, or if you don’t know what you want or what path to take, you name it. I would love to help you in your endeavor. If it is out of my expertise, I’ll direct you to another professional.

Frequency of Sessions

Sessions can be “one-time thing”, once a week (preferably), once a month or every few months, as often as you need it or you can afford it. It’s your choice, there is no obligation.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel an appointment‚ please do so 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment. Your agreed upon fee will be charged for the time reserved when cancellations are received less than 24 hours in advance.

Session and Workshops Fees

Regular Individual Counseling session: 60$ for 60 minutes session

Body-Mind-Soul Workshops (duration 2,5-3 hours, in person): $30 or 40$ depending on the duration of the workshop, and if you confirmed or not in advance. 

“Sliding scale”: I believe in Karma and you should too. That’s why I also work with “sliding scale”, which is a variable scale for those who can not afford the full price of a regular session at that particular time. It’s negotiable, it varies and you won’t be left without help, if you can’t afford it.

Call today (+359) 0885 26 44 00 or email me to schedule your session:

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