Presentation: “Schema of The Therapy of 7 Movements”

“Schema of the Therapy of the Seven Movements”- Presentation and Practical Workshop

Workshop/Presentation date: 11/15/2014. Time: 9:30 am- 12 pm.

The purpose of this presentation/practical demonstration is to familiarize counselors, therapists and non-professional individuals with the synthesis between the basic theoretic postulates in the “Therapy of the Five Movements” created by Prof. Waldo Bernasconi, further development of his ideas, and an addition of two more directions of movement (behavioral models) that can be applied in the psychotherapy process. (Click on the picture to enlarge).madlen_7_movements_2_engl _ Копие-page-001

The Goals of this presentation are to:

1)      Review and summarize the basic elements of the “Therapy of the Seven Movements” in reference to the area of health and pathology, the character types, and their specific pathological risks from a psychic and a somatic point of view.

2)      Explore the five fundamental character types as perceived by the Neo-Reichian body psychotherapy with their corresponding traumatic basic factors, as well as the inevitable for the body-psychological paradigms somatic part containing a neurophysiological reasoning and a description of the specific techniques in body psychotherapy.

3)      Provide the participants with an illustrated, summarized and simple from a didactic perspective presentation of the most essential elements of the psychosomatic approach in a new, positive and a much more detailed form.

4)      Describe the psychosomatic model as a holistic approach, aiming at the achievement of integrity and complete health – mental and physical.

5)      Define the effective use of body-mind techniques in psychotherapy and treatment of individuals.

6)      Identify operational methods for applying body-mind approaches in counseling.

Presentation and practical demonstration by: 1. Madlen Algafari, MA in Psychology, Certified Body-psychotherapist by the European Association for Body Psychotherapy. 2. Svetla Bankova- MA in Psychology.

madlenPresenter: Madlen Algafari is a body psychotherapist, fully accredited and certified by the European Association for Body Psychotherapy, with over 20 years of experience as a psychologist and psychotherapist. She holds a Master degree in Psychology from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Bulgaria and has a post- graduate specialization in Neo-reichian analytic body psychotherapy from Institute of Psychology and Psychotherapy at the Westdeutsche Akademie, Düsseldorf – Mühlheim, Germany. She is a member of Bulgarian Neoreichian Society, Bulgarian Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy, Section of Psychology and Pedagogy of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, Member of the Board of Directors of the “Institute for Body Psychotherapy”- accredited member of the Forum of Training Institutes in EABP, Member of the Bulgarian Association of Psychotherapy and European Association of Body Psychotherapy. She is an author of 7 books on different psychological topics, some of them translated in English and available through  “Fairy Tales for grown-up children”, Alternative therapy for depression”, ” Alternative therapy for anorexia”, ” Alternative therapy for panic disorder” and ” How to fall ill best“. Madlen Algafari has conducted numerous workshops in Brazil, Israel, Hungary, Japan, Italy, UK, Portugal, Bulgaria and the USA. Web site:

IMGP5444Practical workshop, Part II: Svetla Bankova has over 12 years of combined international experience and practice in the field of psychology, counseling and coaching. She has a Master’s Degree in Psychology from American Public University, VA and Bachelor’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Westdeutsche Akademie, Düsseldorf – Mühlheim, Germany. She is also a Certified Life Coach through Coach Training Alliance since 2005. Author of 6 books on psychosomatics and the body-mind connection, including her latest book “Mental, Emotional and Psychological Aspects of thyroid disorders” Website: 

Location of the event: 5000 Austell Powder Springs Road,  Austell GA 30106

Registration/Contact: 678-200- 5947; Cheryl Francis: 678-754-5840

Fee: the presentation and workshop: $ 65 in advance, $75 at the door. Make a payment below via Paypal (major credit cards are accepted as well)

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