Mind-Body Connection

body-mindBody-Mind Connection -Bioenergetics

“Love, work and knowledge are the wellsprings of our lives, they should also govern it. ” ~~Wilhelm Reich

The story of  Bioenergetics  starts with the name of Wilhelm Reich, Austrian- Hungarian unconventional psychoanalytic therapist, one of the best students of Sigmund Freud.

Reich is a controversial therapist, whose radical theories made him one of the most influential  figures in the history of psychiatry and psychotherapy.

Body psychotherapy is a therapeutic method, based on his work and further developed by Alexander Lowen. It uses different body techniques to facilitate the recovery of the person, mental and physical. This is a practical method that guides people into a deeper awareness of their emotional and behavioral states, body expressions, posture and  voice while at the same time encourages them to witness their body’s physical responses.

This form of intervention is helpful for the treatment of many emotional and physical issues, including depression, anxiety, psychosomatic problems and  stress related problems. It uses the body structure, the movement and breathing patterns in a person’s body to reveal the story of the person, his personality and character.

Bioenergetic analysis is a part of  body psychotherapy, which includes therapeutic treatment techniques with psychological analysis, active body- work exercises and bioenergetic breathing. It derives its ideas from the understanding that  body’s own energy reflects the emotional, mental and psychological well-being of any person. In order the person to be healthy, physically and emotionally, this bio energy must flow freely through the body and the body and mind should be treated equally. The body can tell its story through the posture, breathing, movement,  expression, muscles and voice. Accordingly, the self-expressive practices, stress positions, bioenergetic breathing and movements are used to facilitate a more complete sense of self and achieve emotional equilibrium and harmony.

Untying Knots in the Body with Mind-Bioenergetic Breathing

This is a very popular method in bioenergetics, which involves high levels of body awareness and special breathing pattern  for the purpose of working on muscular and characterial armour thus achieving free flow of energy and releasing somatic tension.

My work is mostly based on the Neo-reichian “Theory of 5 Movements”, by Prof. Waldo Bernaskoni,  in which I am trained through Westdeusche Akademie, Switzerland, now “Institute for Body psychotherapy”, Bulgaria. Being also a dancer for almost a decade, I have also developed some body techniques on my own, which I call Bio modalities.

Using Bio Modalities

Bio- movement and Bioenergy Expressing exercises

BioDancing-Expressing the Body, Dancing the Soul, Quieting the Mind

Bioenergy Breathing

BioExercises of movement integration and affection-movement integration.

BioExercises of effective communication and communion.

Bio-Dancing Meditation

Transformational breathing techniques

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