svetlawebSvetla Bankova has over 12 years of combined international experience and practice in the field of complicated and charming human nature and existence. She has a Master’s Degree in Psychology from American Public University, VA and Bachelor’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Westdeusche Akademie, Switzerland. She is also a Reiki practitioner and Certified Life Coach through Coach Training Alliance since 2005.

Svetla believes in the body-mind-soul connection and incorporates in her work different body-mind techniques and modalities with the only purpose to help people feel better, emotionally, spiritually and physically. 

Bio-Energy Modalities, used to help you feel better:

Bio- movement and Bioenergy Expressing exercises

BioDancing-Expressing the Body, Dancing the Soul, Quieting the Mind

Bioenergy Breathing

Bio-dynamic Meditation

BioExercises of movement integration and affection-movement integration.

BioExercises of effective communication and communion.

Bio-Dancing Meditation

Transformational Breathing Techniques

Creativity Expression Exercises

Art and Dramatic techniques

She is a firm supporter of the “Pleasure Principle”, meaning that it’s an innate human ability to seek pleasure and avoid pain by all means. When this principle is not followed, intentionally or not intentionally, the person will suffer emotionally, mentally or physically. 

Presently she works as a Life, Health & Wellness coach and leads Body- Mind- Soul workshops helping people to become healthy minds and souls in healthy bodies.

Her specialty is coaching and interpersonal spiritual counseling of individuals from different countries who are going through the painful adaptation and transition of living in a foreign country.

She also works with people with autoimmune and other chronic disorders helping them to better understand the body-mind connection and to achieve faster healing and wellness.

Life can be always easier and more enjoyable, why not give it a try?

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