Life & Wellness Coaching

People have problems, we all do. Small problems, medium problems and very large PROBLEMS. Problems with our health, our life style, our boss or our partner. Problems that everybody knows about and some others that nobody knows about at all.

I don’t know a person without some kind of problems. And many of us are trying to fix them on our own, and sometimes we succeed and sometime we don’t. For example, how many times you’ve said to yourself: I can’t do it, it’s too much, it’s overwhelming, I don’t know where to start, I need a plan and I can’t make one, and if I do, I can’t stick with it.

If you heard yourself saying that, the good news is that there is a way out, but you will need someone to help you out with this. You most likely need a Life & Wellness Coach and these are your particular reasons:

  1. You feel like you’re chasing your tale. No matter what decision you make to change your life, your diet, your habits or anything that needs to be changed, you end up doing NOTHING. You need a Life coach, to create an action plan and walk you through the process.
  2. No matter how well you know you should tell your husband to pick up his dirty dishes, to hire a baby sitter, or to spend less than 70 something hours in the office, or get rid of your constantly wining friend, ask for a raise, or just get a decent massage, or a manicure for that matter- and you are not doing it… You need a Life coach as a sounding board, a non-judgmental friend, a partner to whom you can voice your concerns and fears, and even practice “how to say difficult things to loved and not so loved ones”.
  3. You continue to swear that this will be your last junk food, and you’ll eat healthy, nutritional foods only, and you’ll take your vitamins and supplements and drink 8 oz of water with every meal- but you’re still not doing it. Well, you need a Wellness coach, to choose the best diet plan with you, that will help you work for you, not against you and help you stick with that plan, for your own sake.
  4. You promised yourself, and it’s also included in your New Year’s resolutions, that you’ll go to the gym at least 3 times a week, or run, or bike, or do meditation or yoga, but you’re so tired to even get out of the bed or think about it. You need a Life Coach to help you find out what’s the best option for you, that will suite your health needs and goals.  The Life coach will hold your hand while you’re doing the small steps.
  5. You don’t know where to start, it all seems so overwhelming, and difficult, and challenging, and so you just drop off everything. You need a Life coach to keep you accountable and prioritize with you, and make plans with you and for you, until you can do that on your own.
  6. You want to be stress-free. You want to be healthy. You want to be better. You want to change your life style, once and forever. You need a Wellness Coach.
  7. Last but not least- you have a chronic disorder, emotional or physical, and it’s not getting any better for the past few months, you definitely need a Life and Wellness coach, to guide you through saving your own health. Life and Wellness Coaching can help you change the destructive life style that led you to feel powerless, out of your mind, overwhelmed and generally exhausted of life.

So, make your move today and let’s get you started. Email me at: if you need more information or to set-up a a coaching session. The sooner, the better for you.

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